Mozilla Creating Boot2Gecko But Why?

Seems like a slightly crowded field these days for mobile OS market share. Up front we have Android and iOS while BlackBerry OS and Symbian are slowly being sucked into a black hole. Meanwhile, Windows Phone is carving out a small niche for itself prior to Windows 8 hitting the scene as WebOS is stuck in a vacuum.

It’s a harsh environment and betting the farm on a mobile OS can take a company under.

So why would Mozilla think of a mobile OS when it could be argued that they have lost control of their own browser?

That remains unclear at the moment but perhaps with their Google partnership for search engine revenues on the default homepage under doubt beyond the current contract. With Google having its own browser and mobile OS and Microsoft with its own browser, mobile OS and search engine it leaves slim pickings for search engine revenues if the two major players don’t want to play ball. Early diversification may help mitigate against this risk but only if there will be monetary gain which is not yet known.

Will B2G be a winner? Time will tell…

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