HP ePrint – Research Underway

Last year, HP introduced functionality into its higher end consumer printers in the form of ePrinting which allocated an e-mail address to a given printer allowing people to effectively print from anywhere that allowed e-mail access. I was a little skeptical about it in a prior article but have not come across any implementation of it until I had to replace the aging HP Officejet 7410 which partially died this week. I suspect the built in Wi-Fi module failed which caused it to hang on startup which is what happened to mine last year but I got it working again by disconnecting the Wi-Fi module.

Anyway, I had a chance to setup the ePrinting functionality on the replacement printer (being the HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus) and learn a bit about how it works and hope to have it fully sussed out by tomorrow. Of course, I will share what I have found and my thoughts on it with you all.

Stay tuned!

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