Amazon Kindle DX (Second Generation – Global 3G) Preview

A few days ago I published the unboxing video for the Amazon Kindle DX (second generation global 3G model)

Today, I recorded the preview video to show you around the Amazon Kindle DX and you’ll get a look at its larger E Ink display. I’ll also show you some of the experimental features including text to speech, MP3 playback and the web browser. As was the case with the standard Kindle, the contrast of the text is amazing and is very easy on the eyes.

(If the video says it’s unavailable it might still be undergoing processing so check back in a little bit).

As always the video is available in high definition (up to 720p) so make sure you crank up the quality if your connection can support it.

As with the third generation Kindle all 3G downloads are free (apart from when you e-mail content to yourself to your address which does incur a charge) which means that this could be used whilst overseas to get around expensive data roaming charges or go through the fuss of sourcing a local SIM card (although a Truphone is a great alternative if you visit the USA, UK or Australia on a regular basis with more countries coming online).

I didn’t get the chance to show the Kindle DX next to the standard Kindle as my wife has taken it overseas with her but will do so in the final review.

Stay tuned for the review!

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