Internet Plans – Get Bang For Your Buck

These days, ISPs refresh their internet plans more regularly compared to six or seven years ago – competition is certainly more intense to say the least. However, not everyone pays close attention to this fact and, if you have been on an old grandfathered plan, you may be unaware that you could be getting far more value for your money.

My folks have had the dilemma of my brother chewing up the monthly quota on an old plan they had been on for nearly six years. It was 12GB peak and 24GB off peak which probably wasn’t too bad six years ago but certainly pales into comparison against plans offering hundreds of gigabytes if not a whole terabyte of usage. Given that the service was still in my name (long story) I figured it was time to see if there was a better deal.

Mind you, this wasn’t the first time I had checked and I had on previous occasions decided against changing plans for various reasons including uploads being counted (to which I am staunchly opposed). However, this time round I figured this wasn’t such a big deal since my folks could get 500GB (250GB peak and 250GB off peak) for the same price as the current service – a significantly better deal in my opinion. The major bonus I saw in this was that this should be more than enough to prevent their internet speeds from being shaped and in turn affecting their VoIP service (shaped internet can make for choppy VoIP calls).

At the end of the day it was high fives all round.

So if it’s been a while since you have checked the available plans with your current ISP take a few minutes to do so – a little effort certainly can pay off!

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