Tips to Further Extend Your Mobile Device Battery Life

The last couple of blog updates have covered ways to prolong your battery life using your existing battery and either supplementary chargers or altering your usage habits. Whilst those approaches may go some way to help you get through those longer periods sometimes you can’t beat a bigger battery.

Not all devices allow you to replace their battery such as most Apple devices so in those cases you are going to be stuck with external batteries and altering your habits to get you over the line. However, if you have a device that is more forgiving you might be able to get additional batteries or extended batteries to extend your battery life.

Additional batteries are particularly handy as you can swap and go when one battery runs out and optionally recharge it with an external battery. This may be better for heavy duty users who don’t want to have a large battery hanging from their devices as they can throw the depleted battery in a bag to recharge instead. You will of course have to outlay a bit up front for the batteries and then charge them all up.

Alternatively, you could invest in a larger battery that can store more energy and keep your device going for longer between recharges. However, the downside is that extended capacity batteries at the top end can often increase the bulk of your device to the point that it looks like George Costanza’s wallet. Another negative is that the time to fully recharge the battery.

Otherwise, you can use a hybrid approach and use a slimline battery for regular use and pack away a couple of extended batteries for those times when you are on the go.

One other guiding principle that I would recommend would be to make sensible choices about which device you choose for an activity. For instance, using your mobile phone to browse the web would seem rather silly if you have a capable iPad or tablet with a much larger battery in it. A trade off between convenience and suitability needs to be balanced.

Hopefully this short series has given you some food for thought on how to get the most effective battery usage from your devices and stop you from running out of juice at an inconvenient time.

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