Build Your Own Android Smartphone

I came across a website yesterday that allows you to customise your own Android smartphone in a very similar way to how you can customise a Dell laptop to your personal requirements. This is interesting as traditionally the only thing that you might be able to differentiate in a mobile device is the included amount of storage and perhaps whether or not you get a hardware keyboard. Other than that, you either like it or lump it.

This is certainly a refreshing change which could set a trend in mobile devices if it gains popularity.

In terms of the device, there are a number of specifications that come standard, the highlights of which are:

  • Android 2.2,
  • 1GHz CPU,
  • 4″ LCD screen,
  • Assisted GPS,
  • Bluetooth,
  • microSD card support,
  • Usual bunch of sensors (proximity, ambient light, accelerometer, compass)

In terms of the options, you are really spoilt for choice:

  • Cellular conectivity (3G or 4G technologies),
  • Wi-Fi (including 802.11n),
  • Camera resolution (5, 8 or 12 Megapixel),
  • Camera Flash (None, LED or Xenon),
  • Front camera,
  • Audio and video outputs (including mini-HDMI, FM radio and 3.5mm jacks),
  • Mobile digital TV support,
  • Built in storage and RAM (up to 32GB and 1GB respectively),
  • Battery size,
  • Button type (physical or capacitive),
  • Body colour (black or white).

If you wanted to fully deck the phone out with all the top end options suitable for Australia, you are looking at coming in under $800 (before factoring postage). In my opinion, that’s not too bad for a device that would give other Android devices such as the Dell Streak and the Samsung Galaxy S a good run for their money. With a three year warranty to boot it certainly represents good value and demonstrates that the company is willing to stand behind their product.

The annoying thing is that the phone will only ship to the EU, USA and Canada but you could always use a mail forwarding service to bounce it back down under (or wherever else in the world you might live). If you want to check it out head on over to Synapse-Phones to spec up your ideal device.

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