Skype 5 Officially Released

Another quick one for tonight (running the university assignment gauntlet again).

Skype 5 has been officially released today and still retains the group video call feature. It is still worth nothing that the feature itself is still in testing despite the software now being out of testing. A new feature has also been incorporated called “dynamic group video calling” which automatically brings the person who is talking to the forefront on the video call. This would definitely go some way to making larger group conversations flow more easily and prevent users having to squint to see which tiny mouth is moving on screen.

There have also been tweaks under the hood to improve the overall quality of calls which should come as a welcome change for those heavy Skype users amongst us.

What is interesting is Facebook integration has also been added (which seems to be flavour of the month after Windows Live Messenger added the feature in its 2011 refresh). You can now message with your Facebook friends directly from Skype once you have linked your accounts.

Meanwhile, for MacOS X users you’ll need to put up with the beta for a while longer.

To update your copy of Skype, just click on “Help” then “Check for Updates” and it should take care of the rest for you.

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