Opt Out of Paper Telephone Directories

This may have flown under the radar for most people but if you’re like me you might find those paper telephone directories awfully wasteful especially when you can get a phone number off the web or call up one of those premium directory service numbers. Personally, I like to save myself a bit of dosh and find the number myself but others may prefer the other option.

So really, I don’t have any need for paper phone books unless I go out of my way to keep a door ajar with one of them (which still wouldn’t happen). I haven’t even removed the plastic from them since they were thrown on the doorstep.

Well, now there is a a way to end the waste (if Tony Abbott had anything to say about it).

You can now go to the Directory Select website and you can cancel one or all of the phone books you receive. All you need to do is provide your postcode and then you are presented with a list of phone books you may receive with the option to cancel them for a period of three years. After that, you need to provide your address details, provide confirmation and you’re done and dusted.

Also, just to remind you that you have cancelled your phone book deliveries, you’ll get a card dropped in your mailbox stating you have opted out. Furthermore, toward the end of the three year exclusion period you’ll also get an e-mail letting you know your exclusion will expire unless you choose to continue to opt out.

So if you feel like saving a bit of paper, consider cancelling your phone books – I will be for sure!

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