Share Cabled Internet Over Wi-Fi

If you have been following the blog over the last few days you will know that I have made way way around the world to Denmark. Along the way, I have made some observations and also overcome common obstacles presented to travelers on longer journeys.

Well, I have come across another issue that can affect people that travel either long or short distances. Most hotels these days offer some sort of Internet access but there are some that only offer access by means of a socket on the wall. If you have a computer then you will me fine most of the time but if you have wireless devices like an iPhone, iPad, Balckberry or a netbook (in my case has a network socket but it doesn’t work) then you are screwed.

It needn’t be so.

If you do travel with a laptop with a recent version of Windows or MacOS X then you have the ability to share an Internet connection with other computers. In this case, you can share the cabled connection to the internet over Wi-Fi to other devices in the room and adjacent rooms depending upon signal strength.

Again, not being a fan of reinventing the wheel, here are some guides:

MacOS X 10.6
Windows 7

Remember, you will need a Wi-Fi card in the computer doing the sharing. Also, MacOS X is limited in its wireless security up to 128-bit WEP (which can be cracked in under 60 seconds using the right tools). Windows 7 allows the use of everything up to and including WPA2 (which should be your first choice followed by plain WPA).

Whilst traveling within your own country is made easier with mobile broadband this is handy for those few occasions where you end up in my situation when going abroad.

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