Download Device Drivers, Don’t Use the Disc

At some point, most of us will go out and buy a new peripheral for our computers most of which may require drivers or additional software to enable enhanced functionality. Of course, the device manufacturer will usually be generous enough to include both drivers and software on a disc in the box for you.

What you might not realise is that since the driver disc was put in the box and sitting in a warehouse or a shelf for a potentially long period of time is that the software will probably be out of date. Older drivers may also have issues when used with more recent hardware or operating systems and perhaps lack features added in later revisions.

Now, recent operating systems such as Windows 7 do a fairly good job of finding the latest drivers for your devices when you first hook them up but I still prefer to personally source and install the drivers and software myself. Doing this shouldn’t be too difficult and would either require a visit to the manufacturer’s website and then going to the support or software/driver download area and locating your device. Otherwise, you can do a quick Google search along the lines of:

  • + + + driver,

… or a more specific example would be:

  • Logitech mouse G9x driver.

So to get the best our of your devices, make sure you get the latest driver when you first install each one – it might save you problems later on!

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