100th Blog – Roll the Highlights Reel!

Today marks the 100th post on my blog and of course, no significant celebration of a milestone would not be complete without looking over some of highlights since the beginning.

I’ve written some informative pieces looking at ways to improve the accessibility and reliability of the technology that we use in our everyday lives. In particular, a lot of us rely on hard drives for storage and being aware of how electricity can damage electronics and what we can do to protect both equipment and data is quite important.
I also took a punt on reviving a dead hard drive by replacing its circuit board which might give others some means to recover their data should they find themselves in a situation before engaging costly data recovery services.

Of course, there have been some important events headlining in the Australian and international news including the planned introduction of full body scanners at airports, Internet filtering, AFACT vs iiNet for copyright infringement and the lack of an R18+rating for video games. This is just the tip of the iceberg and there will be plenty more in the next 100 days.

The most viewed blog entry so far (which may not come as any surprise) is my take on potential iPad pricing for Australia. It’s still a bit of a guessing game at the moment nut with a proposed release at the end of May 2010 (a little more than three weeks time from the time of this entry) I can only imagine that we will see something come out in the short term. We have also seen some fall out in terms of the recent cancellation of competing tablet  devices earlier this week as well as HP snapping up Palm in amongst it all.

Of course, I need to thank everyone for reading the blog every day and leaving comments. I really appreciate all of your feedback!

So, it’s been a interesting time for technology in Australia and around the world. Let’s see what the rest of the year holds!

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