Apr 04 2012

iOS Compatible Gym Equipment – First Impressions

Just a quick note tonight.

The gym at work has been in operation for just about five years now and, needless to say, the equipment has clocked up quite anumber of kilometres over that timeframe! Anyway, we now have brand new bikes, crosstrainers and treadmills to use that now have native iOS compatibility. Being a stats junkie with my Fitbit I thought this was quite intriguing.

At a high level you can pipe your music and videos through the big display on the machine while you work out (which is great so you aren’t squinting at your mobile) and you can even do stuff like log your workout data to an app on your phone which can sync up to your cloud profile. Furthermore, you can even design custom workouts online and download them into the gym equipment – how neat is that?

Anyway, I will be going back to the gym tomorrow and I’ll try and get some photos of it in action (so long as I don’t injure myself in the process).

Stay tuned!

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