Tripod Versus Image Stabilisation – Who Wins?

Here’s something to consider for those who like to shoot photos and videos out there on an ad hoc basis.

There’s no doubt that the image stabilisation technology that goes into cameras and camcorders is nothing but amazing. For cameras to compensate for shaky hands or high speed movement it’s a wonder that we get any usable photos and videos at all. That said, it still worth acknowledging that nothing quite matches having a tripod and taking a clean shot.

I was capturing some video for an internal clip I was putting together for work and when I edited it together you could definitely notice the parts where I had a tripod and where I had gone without. In the end, it wasn’t such a big deal as it was an amateur production and I didn’t mind the final product have a few rough edges (I’m not a professional outfit by any means but I also do the best with the kit that I do have available). If you’re not after a highly polished product then going without the tripod is probably okay.

The other major thing to consider is how long do you think you will be shooting? If you are taking photos you might be fine to take a stack of shots and rest in between but if you are shooting video your arms might get incredibly tired after trying to hold a camera steady for ten or twenty minutes. A tripod wins hands down as you can set your shot and make minor adjustment panning around and  zooming as required while removing the reliance on image stabilisation to compensate for those achy arms.

Tripods don’t cost too much and using them can help boost the enjoyment of the viewing experience of your photos and videos. It’s not always convenient to pack one and carry one around but if you anticipate a need that could benefit from using a tripod then it helps to think ahead so you capture those moments in the best possible quality.


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