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Furthering Your Education Online

If there is one thing I have really appreciated about having near ubiquitous access to the web around Australia, and to an extent overseas, it has been the ability to further my tertiary education whilst holding down full-time employment. I resumed my tertiary studies just before moving to Sydney a bit over eight years ago …

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Find Software on the Cheap

Have you ever wanted a piece of software but have been left wanting because of the cost? Microsoft software, in particular, can be quite expensive to acquire legitimately but there are legitimate ways to get your hands on their software. If you are studying at TAFE or a university, you may be eligible for a …

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Education in the Digital Age

Over the next couple of weeks, I need to give some thought to the next course I will be undertaking as part of my Masters of Science degree. That got me thinking about how the Internet has changed education opportunities for many people including those who work full time (such as myself) and people who …

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