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Keep Tabs on the Climate Conditions with Forecastfox Weather

Weather on my Cisco IP Phone

Another quick tip for tonight. Not all of us are lucky to have desktop phones that show the weather at a glance but there is a way to get it in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome without too much fuss. There’s a great little add-on called Forecastfox Weather which, as you might guess, add the …

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Samsung Galaxy S – Where’s the GPS Fix?

Samsung have had no shortage of heat with regards to its flagship Android phone over the last few months. Issues with the lag attributed to their proprietary file system (RFS) have been an ongoing problem prompting the user community to come up with their own solutions such as the Voodoo Lag Fix which I wrote …

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No Inflight Calls For You!

Shortly after ACMA had given the green light for cellular communication technology to deployed in aircrafts, QANTAS and Jetstar have quickly put the brakes on any such deployment in their fleet. In a blog entry earlier this week I touched on how this technology could become a nuisance particular on longer international flights. At the …

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Australian Airlines to Offer Inflight Cellular Services

In a previous post I wrote about how about how our friends across the ditch were getting access to inflight SMS as well as data for smartphones. That was a couple of months ago and it seems like us Australians weren’t about to be outdone by the Kiwis according to this SMH article. As expected …

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