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Open Multiple Regedit Windows

Here’s a quick tip for tonight. If you are editing the registry sometimes you might like two registry editors open at the same time so you can compare the existing state with the updated state. However, attempting to do so will only allow you ever to open registry editor. The way around this is to …

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Safe Mode and Recovery From Windows Registry Errors

Today, I bumped into a colleague at work who reads this blog and we had a brief chat about yesterday’s article and the fact that I could have come off a little too casual in the way I provided the instructions without warning about the potential risks (up to and including nuking your Windows installation) …

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Stop Windows Update Taking Over the Shutdown Button

Shut down and install updates button

Another quick tip for tonight. Sometimes, when you want to shutdown your computer you might notice that the shutdown button looks like this in Windows 7: When pressed, this button will finish the installation of pending updates for Windows and then shutdown the computer. Sometimes, this isn’t convenient and if you have a habit of …

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Samsung Galaxy S – Reclaim the Missing Three Button Modes

Kies - Canada JH2 Upgrade

No doubt if you have been following this blog you would have been aware of my problems with the missing recovery and download modes (AKA three button modes or three button combinations). Thankfully, Samsung Canada released a solution today which users of the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S (model number GT-I9000) can utilise. …

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