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Net Filtering vs NBN – What’s it Gonna Be?

As the last few years (and particularly the last few months) have unfolded, we have seen the mandatory web filtering debate get knocked around the press whilst the NBN (only now coming online in a few towns conveniently before an election) got its fair share of airtime. Apart from the issue of credibility and electability …

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PAYG Internet Kiosks – Why Bother?

At the shopping centre near my workplace and also outside one of my favourite restaurants, The Palace Chinese Restaurant, there are these Hi-Speed Internet Kiosks. If memory serves me correctly, it costs $2 for 21 minutes and you get the use of a USB port, black and white printer and of course Internet access for …

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Declination in Teenage Blog and Twitter Usage

Over the last few days, I’ve come across a number of articles reporting¬† that teens are now blogging and tweeting less than young adults. Now, being a person who does a little bit of statistical analysis for a crust I found it somewhat annoying that the majority of articles seemed to regurgitate numbers without so …

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