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Using an External Microphone on a Lenovo T520

Another quick tip for today. To put it simply, the built-in microphone on my Lenovo T520 is terrible to put it politely. Attempting to use the microphone on a Lync call was a fruitless exercise with the other party unable to hear me. Even with the levels cranked right up for the microphone it wouldn’t …

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Samsung Galaxy S III, Recharging and Microphone Problems

By no means have I proven this to be a hard and fast issue but I have encountered this a few times now. I have noticed on occasion that when I have the phone recharging and a phone call comes in that the person on the phone has trouble hearing me until I disconnect the …

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Earphones: Pin Compatible May Not Mean Electrically Compatible

As you may know, I switched to the Samsung Galaxy S a few weeks ago (and it’s still going very well apart from a stumbling block with using The Missing Sync which I am following up with the vendor). As one might expect for a phone of this calibre, a pair of earphones with a …

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