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Apple iPhone 4S Unboxing

Here it is, the Apple iPhone 4S and another unboxing video. This phone replaces the iPhone 3GS my wife has had for two years which has been having regular heart attacks. Hopefully this phone will fare much better (as well as skipping the pain that was the iOS 5 upgrade). FYI – the video will …

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Incoming Gadget – Apple iPhone 4S

Just a heads up that I will be heading out to the Apple store in Hornsby to pick up an iPhone 4S (not for myself though but for my wife who really needs to replace her iPhone 3GS which is on its last legs). That said, she has kindly offered to let me unbox it …

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A Backup Battery for Your Mac and Portable Devices

A while back, I wanted to get my wife an external battery to take overseas just in case she was away from a power point longer than her devices could retain their juice. I also was interested in something that could also recharge her MacBook Pro if it were in dire need of power. The …

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