Suss Out Street Parking Before Arriving

Here’s a quick tip.

Many of us have faced situations where we have to drive out somewhere that we’ve not been to much or at all and we’ve got absolutely no idea about the parking options. Street parking could be very limited or altogether absent or you may have heaps of parking spaces from which to choose,

Why take the gamble when you can see things ahead of time?

What I do is check out the address on Google Maps and then zoom down into street view. This lets me look around and check out what the on street parking looks like as well as being able to read the parking signs. In most cases they are legible but some images may be of lower quality so your mileage may vary. At least this way you can see when might be a good time to park and work backwards from that time to determine when you should rock up and look for a space.

You could save yourself some time by planning ahead 🙂

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