Incoming Gadgets – Panasonic Washing Machine and Dryer

Just a quick update.

Well, after replacing pretty much everything else in the house with Panasonic products the last frontier was the laundry which has been ruled by Asko appliances for the last decade. The Asko One washing machine has done an admirable job but has required a little more attention in recent years with its door requiring replacement twice and the detergent drawer needing velcro to remain closed. Meanwhile, the Asko One clothes dryer has managed to soldier on with a bit of TLC in the form of keeping the lint filter and heat exchangers clean.

However, these appliances have been contributing a fair bit to our electricity bills despite only being used once or twice a week. Combined, they add 20kWh of energy consumption for a single cycle which ends up being $5.20 a week (or $270.40 a year) or $10.40 for two cycles each per week (or $540.80 per year) assuming 26c per kWh.

So that’s $67.60 to $135.20 per quarter on our power bill (and we’ve now managed to get our bill down to $700 from $1100). Potentially, this could get us down to around $565 per quarter at best – that’s nearly a 20% reduction on paper.

Anyway, the appliances that are on their way are:

I have written about the washing machines from Panasonic in the past but the tumble dryer is a new product that has only just come out. However, I’ve had a quick glance of the manual online and one feature I will appreciate is the ability to connect a hose to drain condensed moisture immediately. This removes the need to drain the condenser tank when it gets full which can annoyingly happen in the middle of a load or not paying attention. You’ll know this all too well if you’ve got the bed sheets in the dryer but they are still damp when you want to go to bed.

It will also be good for us to have a larger washing machine which I’d estimate at 6 or 7kg in capacity as we may be able to eliminate a second load of washing or at least allow two loads to run at less than full capacity for a more thorough wash.

So, stay tuned and yes, there will be unboxing videos!

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