Crystal Reports – Function Sequence Error

Bit of a narrow topic but thought I would share given that I couldn’t find a solution on the web.

I use Crystal Reports as part of my work in conjunction with databases and Business Objects Enterprise and usually everything works without hiccups. However, I’ve built a couple of reports recently that ended up with a function sequence error which interrupts the flow of data from the database.

Crystal Reports - Function Sequence Error

Crystal Reports – Function Sequence Error

The error got me thinking that maybe there could be an issue with hitting the view behind the report too hard or too quickly. Maybe a flimsy theory at best but with little else to go on I couldn’t be any worse off but thinking outside the box. So, I thought that this might of had something to do with having the report fetch data asynchronously from the database.

So, I did the following:

  1. Closed and reopened Crystal Reports,
  2. Opened the offending report,
  3. Disabled Perform Query Asynchronously in Report Options,
  4. Click OK,
  5. Refresh the report,
  6. Save the report.
Crystal Reports - Report Options

Crystal Reports – Report Options

This seemed to work for me just fine and, when I re-enabled the offending option the function sequence error reappeared. I don’t know why it worked but thought I would share this as a potential solution for others experiencing the same issue.

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