Charging a Powered Off Windows Phone

Here’s a quick tip for Windows Phone users.

You may have found that you cannot recharge a Windows Phone when it is powered off and the device will attempt to boot up before it will recharge. This behaviour could well be considered odd given that Android smartphones and iPhones have been able to do this pretty much from day dot.

You may need to recharge a powered off device if you’ve completely run it out of charge or if you want to increase the rate of electrical recharge (given that recharging a powered up device has to offset the poewr consumed by the smartphone while it is on).

So, what to do?

Well, if you’re able to hang out for Update 3 (AKA GDR 3) for Windows Phone 8 then this feature will be baked into the operating system. This should be arriving before the end of the year so hopefully you won’t have too much longer to wait.

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