Incoming Gadget – Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch

You’ve probably read the title of this article and wondered why I am getting another smartwatch when I’ve recently received one of two Pebble smartwatches. I can understand that reaction but I have a good reason.

I swear!

One of the drawbacks of the Pebble is that it doesn’t work with Windows Phone 8. Sure, it’s not as popular as iOS and Android but it’s an up and coming mobile operating system that deserves some attention. Of course, I could just use an Android handset (and I have one in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Express) but I want to give Windows Phone 8 a decent go which means supporting compatible products.

The Kreyos smartwatch is supposed to have some interesting features over and beyond what the Pebble offers most notably voice and gesture control. Some of the things you can do using voice commands are:

  • answer and place phone calls,
  • reply to and send text messages and emails,
  • interact with SIRI via the smartwatch,
  • change music tracks.

You can also customise your gestures to suit yourself – so you could answer or reject a phone call by moving your wrist in particular ways. The Kreyos Meteor will have four default gestures but you can tailor these as necessary.

Anyway, I have backed the Kreyos smartwatch over on Indiegogo and it has an estimated delivery of November 2013. I am going for a black one this time around given the trouble that Pebble had with manufacturing grey and white watches. As always, I’ll let you know when it arrives and I will give you a look at it!

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