Incoming Gadget Status Updates

Just an update on where some gadgets are in terms of delivery:

  • Qi wireless chargers:
    • Both of these arrived earlier this week and I am using one at work and one at home – I’ll do a short video to show how these chargers work with a compatible device (likely a Nokia Lumia 920),
  • Pebble watch:
    • Apparently this is on its way but it is certainly taking a long time which perhaps has defeated the purpose of wanting to do some videos about them but I’ll do them nonetheless. A bit disappointed as a Kickstarter backer but at least these watches haven’t vanished into thin air.
  • Ouya:
    • This Android console is currently en route but the tracking number I received doesn’t appear to work but this seems to be normal. That said, I find it odd that in 2013 that it is “normal” for a tracking number to take up to a week to appear on an online tracking website.
  • Panasonic stuff:
    • I’ve received my trimmer to help keep my facial hair in check and I have a mystery one kilogram package en route at the moment. Obviously, that’s not going to be a television or home theatre systems so it could be the AX2 laptop (1.15kg), the X920 camcorder or the two portable chargers (way less than a kilogram).

That’s it for the moment but stay tuned for more gadgets!

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