MobileIron for Windows Phone 8

if you work for a larger company and you need to access your corporate e-mail then you may be required to install MobileIron on your device in order to enforce specific security policies. Whilst MobileIron is available for iOS and Android devices you may be wondering what about Windows Phone 8 if you’ve got yourself a new Nokia Lumia handset.

If you search the Windows Phone Store you won’t find MobileIron in there so you could be forgiven for thinking that Windows Phone 8 is unsupported but you would be wrong.

MobileIron is actually built into Windows Phone 8 and is one of the unsung features of the platform. It’s not mentioned by name but if you’ve scrolled through the settings menu then you may have spotted something called company apps. This is where you can configure your MobileIron login against your corporate mobile device management server. You may need to check with the relevant people in your IT department for the settings in order to complete the initial setup before configuring other items such as your Exchange mail account.

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