Free Windows 8 User Guide

I remember back in the day of DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.1 you’d get chunky paper manual to learn about virtually every single bit of functionality. The vast majority of box heft would be due to the manual whilst the floppy disks would be a fraction of the overall weight.

However, as the years have passed, paper manuals have shrunk and pretty much disappeared altogether save for digital manuals. However, the market has responded with a slew of authors offering guides on how to use your favourite operating system or a new one if you’re coming in fresh.

Windows 8 is perhaps the biggest change to Windows since Windows 95 and some people may be looking for more than what the out of box experience provides in terms of basic usage tips. well, the good news is that Microsoft have released a free “training brochure” which you can grab from the Microsoft Download Centre.

This guide does cover the basics again but also drills down into some of the key functions such as tab management in the metro version of Internet Explorer 10, BitLocker and setting up multiple user accounts. The guide is certainly not for those system administrators out there but for those that may not have the familiarity or courage to dive into something without a helping hand.

At the very least, the last three pages in red might be handy for everyone as it lists all of the touch, mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

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