Enabling Prerecording Mode on a Panasonic X900M Camcorder

Have you ever had your camcorder in hand ready to start shooting video only to miss something by a matter of seconds? While it is easy enough to push the record button after the fact it is definitely consolation when you miss one of those classic moments that could have been immortalised in video.

How great would it be if your camcorder could start recording before you push the record button?

Well, if you have a Panasonic X900M camcorder (and presumably the forthcoming X920M) then you are in luck and it is very easy to enable prerecording mode as follows:

  1. Turn on the camcorder,
  2. Tap the button with the diverging arrows (i.e. < >) on the touch screen,
  3. Tap MENU,
  5. Scroll down to the second screen,
  6. Tap PRE-REC.

Once enabled, you should see a red PRE-REC banner in the centre of the screen. This will capture both audio and video up to three seconds prior to you pushing the button. Whilst three seconds in itself may not be a huge amount of time it could just be enough time to avoid missing something completely.

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