2013 Panasonic Product Showcase

Just a quick update for today.

I have been invited to the 2013 Panasonic Product Showcase later this month which is always a highlight on my calendar with the Panasonic Insider Crew. As such. I will be able to get a good look at the raft of the new product range which should include televisions, hard drive recorders, home theatre systems, cameras and camcorders amongst other things. I’m very keen to have a look at the VT60A plasma in particular as a replacement for the existing VT20A plasma at home.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be able to attend this event the two last years and see nearly the entire range of AV products up close. It’s also been a fantastic opportunity to ask the Panasonic representatives about the technical specifications of each product and how the most recent models improve upon the prior generations.

Anyway, if you have questions about the product range leave a comment here and I will try and get some answers – have a look at the Panasonic website to see what is coming up in 2013 🙂

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