Time Running Out to Switch to Free Google Apps

If you were already eyeballing a potential move to sign up for Google’s free Google Apps offering then time has already run out but if you’re paying for Google Apps then you might want to read on.

If you’re on a paid subscription to Google Apps but you satisfy the criteria to downgrade then you still have the option of reverting to the free version but only until Sunday, 06/01/2013 (thirty days from yesterday). If you’re using Google Apps for Business as more of an indulgence than a necessity then you may want to consider the option of downgrading your account and having it grandfathered in. You can always upgrade to the business version again later on if you really need it but it will be a one way street if you do it after the cut off day next month.

Definitely some food for thought there and may perhaps drive people toward using Office 365 instead.

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