Migrated MobileMe Users Receive a One Year Extension on Storage

The title pretty much says it all – if you’re a user who has migrated from MobileMe to iCloud Apple has extended the offer of free storage for another year concluding on 30/09/2013. This means that whatever storage these users had paid for prior to MobileMe being shutdown will continue to be available for no charge until the end of September this year.

However, there are a couple of important things to bear in mind,

If you decide to buy more iCloud storage in between now and the deadline then the free storage will disappear which means you would have to stump up for at least the amount of storage you have used in order to avoid running into problems with lost data. Further more, if you decide to cancel any additional iCloud storage that has been purchased you’ll get knocked down to the standard free 5GB iCloud storage deal.

All things considered, most MobileMe users should probably enjoy the free ride for as long as possible and see what Apple has to offer next year.

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