Life Without iTunes

Since doing a clean install of Windows 8 I did reinstall a lot of the software that I had under Windows 7 including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Office, Notepad++, Spotify and VLC just to name a few. However, I decided to draw the line when it came to iTunes.

Since getting on board with Spotify I have had little need for iTunes to manage my music collection which left it to handle podcast management and backing up my iPad. The podcasts to which I normally listen are available for streaming online negating the need for me to copy them on my iPad and I have little use for them after listening/watching them so keeping them on my computer would simply take up space (not that I am running low by any means). As for now not backing up my iPad that is a risk I am willing to take as I have no critical data stored only on my iPad as it is generally on the network or in the cloud.

OS upgrades will not be an issue either as those can now be done straight from the device on a Wi-Fi network.

At this stage, I’ve not run into any problems so far but will report back later on down the track to see how I am going.

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