Speed Up Samsung Galaxy S III Home Button

The Samsung Galaxy S III is certainly one of the top shelf Android smartphones for 2012 and as such had high expectations from people looking to grab one of these as their next mobile phone.

However, there is one niggle that has arisen with regard to a perceived delay when hitting the home button on the phone and seeing a reaction on the screen. The cause of this delay seems to be related to the new S Voice feature introduced in this phone which allows you to interact with the device using your voice in a similar fashion to how Siri works on the iPhone 4S. By default, S Voice is enabled on the SGS III and is activated by a double tap of the home button.

I can only hypothesise that there is a process running in the background waiting an arbitrary period of time to see if a second tap of the home button occurs and, if not, allows the regular home button function to proceed which causes this delay. However, if this really bugs you there is a way to get rid of it by disabling S Voice. It’s fairly simple to do as follows:

  1. Unlock your phone,
  2. Double tap the home button,
  3. When S Voice opens tap the menu key (to the left of the home key) and then tap Settings,
  4. Untick Launch S Voice,
  5. Tap the back key twice,

You should now find that the screen responds more quickly to the home button but you won’t be able to use S Voice using the convenient shortcut. You can always re-enable S Voice by going through Apps and launching it, going into the settings and ticking the box next to Launch S Voice.

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