Oh Crap, the Fridge is Dead!

The title says it all really – after coming home from work we found that the circuit powering the microwave, coffee machine, insinkerator and fridge had been tripped. After checking everything I reset the circuit and everything sprung back to life except the fridge.

It’s a Fisher & Paykel Q E442B fridge which has been trucking along for the past twelve years and apparently suffered the same problem before but resurrected itself after being offline for a period of time. We’ll see if the same thing happens here but I won’t hold my breath.

Anyway, the repairer is booked in to come check things out but the first available slot is Tuesday next week! Apparently, we’ve been put on a priority list to try and get someone out to fix it ASAP but that won’t be a guaranteed. (Update: luckily for us we have been fast tracked for a repairer who is now arriving on Friday afternoon which is a better result). For the time being, the food is being preserved in eskies with ice until we eat our way through it all (and I enjoyed some vegan yum cha for dinner tonight followed by some tiramisu coconut milk icecream – on nom nom).

It’s a good excuse for upgading to a more energy effiicient fridge at any rate and it’s also worth noting that some home and contents insurance policies will also cover burnt out motors and subsequent food spoilage but there may be age limits. For instance, Real Insurance offers optional motor burnout cover but only for motors up to ten years old but if we had insurance with them we’d still be outside the cover period given the age of the fridge and motor.

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