Get the Most out of StreetPass on the Nintendo 3DS

Just a quick tip for those Nintendo 3DS owners out there who keep their console with them most of the time.

At work, I’ve been getting quite a large number of StreetPass hits on my 3DS since I moved desks a couple of weeks ago but I have noticed one rather annoying drawback. If you happen to StreetPass the same person multiple times before you actually acknowledge the hit to get your free puzzle piece and free StreetPass Quest hero you only get one of each until you make use of them. I reckon I have missed out on maybe six additional StreetPass hits so far which is annoying as I have plenty more puzzle pieces to collect and a few more runs through the second StreetPass Quest to get more hats for my Mii.

Anyway, keep this in mind and as soon as you see the green light on your 3DS claim your StreetPass freebies!

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