Chrome Beta for Android Smartphones

After making a switch back to Android (for the time being) and getting back into the platform ecosystem from the perspective of daily usage I thought I’d make a web browser recommendation.

Since Android first appeared on smartphones, we’ve always had a web browser available on it but it wasn’t the Google Chrome browser that many have come to love on the desktop. To be honest, this initial browser never really had a name except “Browser” or “Internet” on the phone itself or more specifically as “Android Browser”.

Anyway, if you are using a more recent Android smartphone I would strongly recommend that you try out the Chrome Beta available on the Google Play store. Chrome Beta makes a huge improvement upon the generic browser including the ability to sync bookmarks with the desktop version of Google Chrome and also “Incognito tabs” for when you don’t want your history or activity to be tracked on the device.

I guess the big plus with Chrome Beta is that given that it is an app and independent of the Android operating system it can be update quickly and more frequently. This can be a plus when there are exploits discovered in the browser or if new functionality is developed by Google (such as the missing capability to accept plug-ins or integrated Chrome to Phone functionality).

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