Not All Optical Discs Are Created Equally

Yesterday, I had bought some Blu-ray discs to use with my Blu-ray burner. I haven’t burnt an optical disc for quite a while so I had forgotten that individual burners have differing compatibilities with the various brands of discs and range of discs within each brand.

What this comes down to is the firmware in the burner and its table of media identification codes (MIDs) to identify the various discs that are out in the market. If a burner doesn’t have the media code for a given disc in its memory you’ll probably end up not being able to burn to the disc at all (unless you’re lucky).

Anyway, I am having a go at hacking the firmware on my burner to see if I can get it to recognise the MID on these discs. If all goes according to plan I’ll try and share some of the details on what I did to make it work.

Fingers crossed!

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