Slow or Infinitely Long Shutdowns on Mac OS X

Just thought I’d share a potential solution for a problem that I faced today.

The copy of Windows 7 on my MacBook Pro had never been activated and given that I hadn’t used it in ages I thought I’d wipe it and replace the Windows installations on the laptop with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. In order to tackle this task I simply booted off the Windows 8 DVD, formatted the Boot Camp partition and let Windows 8 complete the installation.

That’s there things started to go a bit weird.

After rebooting Windows 8 after completing installation it’d hang on boot and never reach the Start Screen. Booting into Mac OS X seemed to work fine but when shutting down or restarting it’d get stuck on a spinning animation and never actually shut down or restart which meant I had to resort to holding down the power button to turn off the laptop completely.

So, what did I do to fix it?

Essentially, I removed the Boot Camp partition from my computer through the Boot Camp Assistant in Mac OS X which grew the partition for Mac OS X to take up the entire drive. I then ran the Boot Camp Assistant again with the Windows 8 disc in the optical drive and let it kick off the Windows 8 installation. Once done I also managed to install the Boot Camp software and drivers under Windows 8 without a problem (seems like a number of people have had issues in the past requiring manual installation of each driver and software package).

One other thing that I have noticed is that my MacBook Pro did seem to run a little hotter under Windows 8 than Mac OS X but I’ll have to do some more extensive testing to see if that still occurs after installing all of the right drivers.

Anyway, if the above hasn’t worked you can also try resetting the PRAM on your Mac by following these instructions.

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