Tethering is Coming to Nokia Lumia Phones

Just a quick note for the people out there who have bought or are about to buy Nokia Lumia handets.

At the moment, the Lumia 700 and 800 handsets running Windows Phone 7.5 do not include the ability to tether other devices (i.e. use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot). It looks like that was on the list of nice things to implement before launch but didn’t quite make the cut. However, the good news is that tethering should be made available in a future update that hopefully isn’t too far away (provided your carrier doesn’t block it though).

However, if you’re hanging out for a Lumia 610 or 900 then you won’t have this dilemma at all as tethering will be included right out of the box (which might mean an update for the Lumia 700 & 800 isn’t that far off).

Until then though you’ll have to find another way to share an internet connection with other devices.

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