Windows Phone 7 Gets Internet Sharing

Just a quick update for tonight.

For owners of the Samsung Omnia 7 on Optus (at least) an update has been released today that enabled internet sharing on your Mango upgraded phone. It works as well as other wireless hotspot solutions on mobile phones.

Once you have upgraded you will find the setting to enable internet sharing under “Settings”. You can switch it on by turning sharing “on” and then you can optionally change the network settings by tapping the “Setup” button at the bottom. I changed the broadcast name and password from the default and made sure that WPA2 was selected as the security type.

Once internet sharing is activated you will notice that your Wi-Fi icon will change at the top of your screen to signify that it is operating in internet sharing mode. You’ll also be able to see how many guests are connected in the internet sharing screen as well. Another neat feature is if there are no guests connected to the hotspot it will automatically disengage in a minute or two to save battery.

So what are you waiting for? Get the update now while it’s hot!

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