Windows Phone Mango is Go!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my desktop recording solution working the way I wanted this afternoon so I went ahead with putting Mango Beta 2 on my Samsung Omnia 7. I am currently testing rolling back to my backup just to make sure that works as expected before diving into any sort of usability testing. I’ll also try and figure out what why CamStudio wasn’t working as expected.

The upgrade process is a bit fiddly involving a installing a new beta version of Zune and a utility to force a backup and point Zune at a new update server. What does look promising in the new Zune software is that it will link progressive updates automatically instead of making you sit through each one and kick off the next. Also, Zune seemed to be far more snappy and responsive for some reason.

Anyway, tomorrow I will share more about the upgrade process and my first thoughts on Mango – stay tuned!

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