Spotify Now Available and Free in the USA (and Down Under Just Quietly)

It seems that cloud music is gaining some popularity with the Spotify music service now becoming available in the USA after a successful run in Europe. Unlike Google and Amazon’s cloud services, Spotify provides streaming music without you initially having to own a copy of a track or album.

As usual, us users in Australia are left high and dry but there is a way around it.

Just use a proxy service like HideMyAss and in the big bar in the centre of the screen type in and hit Enter. What this will do is divert your web traffic through a proxy server that seems to be local to the USA and allow you to complete the signup process. Then, you just need to download the Spotify application, plug in your username and password and your off and running!

Bear in mind, with the free account there will be ads shown at the bottom of the app that may take up centre stage every now and then (particularly when you are not touching the app). There are also some audio ads thrown in as well on the free account (I just got some Scandinavian sounding ad just now). The paid subscriptions removes these ads and the premium plan also allows you to  stream music over the cellular network.

If you can put up with that, Spotify is a great proposition even if you are working around the system a bit.

So check it out, you’ve got nothing to lose!

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  1. […] I did use this service myself a while ago by getting around the regional lockout but after some time it didn’t work properly. Now that the service is now available I am now turning off the automatic renewal on my Zune Pass and will be using Spotify in its place. […]

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