Lock Windows the Fast Way

Here is a quick and simple tip for tonight.

For people who have been using Windows a while (particularly from Windows NT onwards in corporate environments) you might be used to locking your computer by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del and hitting Enter to lock your computer. While that still works on Windows 7 you can cut that down to two keypresses by holding down the Windows key and pressing L (so Win+L) which will lock your computer immediately.

Whilst this might not be such a big deal I think avoiding shortcuts that involve the Delete key when a desktop is live can only be a good thing.

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    • Andy on August 4, 2011 at 23:09
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    I hear what you’re saying about unnecessary use of the Delete key.

    But – it’s nowhere near as harsh as the dreaded BREAK key on my Acorn Electron (the poor man’s ‘Beeb!’). The slightest contact with the dreaded break key, and every bit of memory was instantly wiped: awesome when you accidentally clipped it after you’d waited patiently through 7 minutes of screeching from your cassette player as you loaded Turbo Espreit using the basic command Chain (or abreviated to: Ch.) “” [Return] – those were the days!!

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