Boydo Test Drives Windows Phone 7

Just a quick update for tonight.

From here on in I will be using the new Samsung Omnia 7 I picked up on the weekend as my primary phone. For me, there’s no better approach in becoming more familiar with a device than to jump in with both feet and work it out as you go along. As a habit, I also read the instruction manuals cover to cover to make sure I don’t miss anything which I will cover off over the course of this week.

In the meantime, my Samsung Galaxy S will be having a rest from its regular duties but I can be a little more ruthless with the installation of new ROMs on it (which means if I screw up an installation I’m not left scrambling to fix it just so I can receive phone calls again).

One thing I am interested in checking out is the new Windows Home Server connector app for Windows Phone 7. I can’t test this until I rebuild my box using Windows Home Server 2011 but being able to check the status of the server at a glance as well as being able to stream media straight from the server to my phone. You can see more about the app itself here.

Stay tuned!

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