Beware of Software Changing Your Browser Settings

Just a quick one for tonight.

Sometimes when we install software we might just keep clicking on the “Next” button to get the installation over and done with as quickly as possible. However, it often pays to check if software will change other settings on your computer which you might not want to happen.

Take a look at the below screenshot:

Messenger Plus Installation

Messenger Plus Installation

When I was prompted to install an update for Messenger Plus I came across this screen and as you can see I have unticked all of the options. The last thing I want is spam and unwanted extra software on my computer as well as changing my current browser settings. By default, all of these boxes are ticked and unsuspecting users who would have clicked through without reading would have ended up with unwanted system changes.

So the message to take away here is to take care when installing software particularly when you give elevated rights to an installer.

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