Draft R18+ Guidelines for Computer Games Released

For those gamers amongst us as well as concerned parents the developments of an R18+ classification for computer games would have been on the radar over the last year. In particular, we have seen more than the usual musings over support or opposition given the turnover of state governments over the same period of time with three states coming back to the Coalition after wall-to-wall Labor governments. In all fairness though, any movement on the issue of an R18+ classification sat squarely with Michael Atkinson (former Attorney-General for South Australia) as he stonewalled all attempts to make such reforms. In the meantime, the minority Federal Government (Labor) made its intentions clear that the states should get a move on with an R18+ classification.

At long last a sixteen page draft inclusive of the R18+ classification has been released where Page 12 covers the general details of the new classification. Whilst not a very in depth document it does show how the new classification would fit in with the existing ones – at least it is a start. It shouldn’t take you too long to read the whole draft document though.

If you think the draft is a step in the right direction then you might also consider filling in this survey to let the Australian Government know of your thoughts – the wheels turn slowly but at least they still turn (sometimes). Responses close on Wednesday 22nd June 2011 so don’t miss out.

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