Calibrate Your Screen with the Display Colour Configuration Wizard

Here’s a quick tip for this evening.

A lesser known feature of Windows 7 is an included wizard that will help you adjust the settings on your screen to obtain the most accurate colour reproduction possible. Not all screens are made identically and there are differences between display technologies which means that images can look quick different unless they are calibrated.

All you have to do is click on Start and then type in “dccw” and press Enter. A wizard will then appear and then it is a matter of following the instructions and making the adjustments to your screen in accordance with the guidelines.

Display Colour Configuration Wizard

Display Colour Configuration Wizard

Sure, it might to replace hardware calibration solutions which may be important for computers used for high end graphic design but it’s certainly a handy little tool for the rest of us to make sure we are getting the best image from our screens.

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