A Faster Way to Install Apps on Your Android Device

Here’s a quick tip for tonight.

Sometimes, browsing the Android Market from your device can be a pain and, depending on the version of the Android Market you have installed, it can be slow and difficult to find what you want quickly.

Luckily, there’s a fast and easy way to rapidly fire a stack of apps on to your device without having to touch it.

Just visit the Android Market in your browser on your computer and login with your Google account used on your Android device. You can then browse all of the apps and

Android Market in Google Chrome

Android Market in Google Chrome

If the app is free you can just hit the install button (or if you have already paid for it click on the “installed” button) but otherwise you can purchase an app inside the page. Once done, your app will be pushed out to your device and installed with no interaction required on the device.

Sure beats iTunes.

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