Microsoft Allows Small Business Use of Security Essentials

Another quick one for this evening.

Microsoft has changed its position on the usage of its Security Essentials software inside small businesses whereby it used to be prohibited under the End User License Agreement. Technically, there was nothing stopping small businesses (or anyone for that matter) from installing the software on a compatible computer, just the legality of such a move would be questionable.

I think Microsoft has done the right thing here anyway. It had nothing to lose by allowing small businesses to use the software and certainly there was no financial incentive in going after businesses that thought the software was good enough for commercial usage on a small scale. I’m sure Microsoft has bigger fish to fry at the moment with its impending Windows Phone 7 launch with handsets on the horizon amongst other things.

It seems that Microsoft is staying on the path of slowly wising up to things, except for its new Xbox 360 controller. The original Xbox 360 was white whilst the slim version is black and both had available matching peripherals. The new Xbox 360 controller is grey (matching neither version of the console) and its buttons aren’t coloured anymore (which screws up matching controller buttons to what is on screen).

Interface fail.

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