The Beginning of the End for Analogue TV

Whilst for many analogue television will still work for a while, analogue television services were switched off in Mildura (in regional Victoria). This will eventually see existing wireless spectrum released back to ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) as a “digital dividend” given that digital television services are already up and running. It is envisaged that this spectrum could be reused for other services such as wireless broadband which has proven to be very popular on the four major 3G networks in Australia.

Of course, people that are on subscription television services such as Foxtel, Austar or SelecTV will experience no interruption to their services. However, others (particular the older population) that have held on to their televisions for a decade or two may find that “old faithful” will stop working one day. So if you have a relative that might be completely unaware for this event looming on the horizon, you might want to help them out.

The easiest option would be to get a set top box so that their existing television can continue to be used. Alternatively, you could also help them pick out a new digital ready television and, if you’re really nice, you could set it up for them too.

So be alert but not alarmed as change is coming. Don’t be caught short!

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